Ann B.

I’m so grateful for Josh and Jeanne at East West Healing.  My past symptoms over 18+ years include infertility, anxiety, hypoglycemia, insomnia, gut issues, SIBO, fatigue, exercise intolerance and food sensitivities.

While working with them, I learned how to make better food choices.  Coming out of a high-fat lifestyle, how I missed “roots and fruits”.  And applesauce, what a delight.  I have stable blood sugars for the first time in 20 years; I can leave the house for three hours without a stash of dark chocolate in my purse “just in case”.  I was delighted to see that I would never have to do the highly restrictive diet to kill SIBO diet again (I have done it twice).  You would think that by eating potatoes and not exercising I would have gained weight, but my pants actually fit better now.
I learned how to listen to my body and give myself permission to rest and restore.  I now have the energy to slowly start exercising again.  I have plenty of energy to chase my two kids again.  My sleep is greatly improved; I wake more well-rested and no longer need coffee to feel like a normal person.
I am grateful to Josh and Jeanne for all of the wonderful information they put for free on YouTube, their website and Instagram. I needed their extra coaching to learn all the skills that I needed, like balancing my macros. It is true what Josh and Jeanne say: this is a lifestyle that is sustainable. I completely agree!