Barbara N.

I’ve enjoyed some amazing progress because of working with Josh and Jeanne at EastWest Healing in the last year. For a few years I had been experiencing symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) such as weight gain, decreased body temp, and menstrual irregularities like really delayed ovulation and majorly painful cramps. An endocrinologist confirmed that my testosterone levels were sky high and I had some other not-ideal things going on with my body chemistry. This doctor suggested that I take Metformin or try to change my diet by cutting out carbs and focusing on lean protein sources and fats. I didn’t like either of those ideas as I wasn’t really prepared to take a diabetes medication forever and I had spent plenty of time low-carbing in the past and knew it wasn’t the magic bullet many health “experts” make it out to be.

I decided to take the plunge and contact EastWest Healing after checking out several of their articles and YouTube videos. EastWest worked with me over about six months via phone calls and emails to help me become more aware of the effects of different kinds of stress on my body and emotions. We also worked on helping me make nourishing food choices at regular intervals without becoming neurotic about “clean” eating. They also helped me figure out some really helpful supporting behaviors like taking epsom salt/magnesium baths that really made a difference in the way I felt and functioned. After a few months the difference in my PCOS symptoms and overall feeling of well-being was dramatic. My menstrual cycles are now much more regular with greatly reduced cramps. Once my blood sugar and whole hormonal system was stabilized, my appetite and “food fixation” thoughts were totally regulated resulting in a totally effortless loss of about 20
pounds. Best of all, a recent blood test showed absolutely no signs of PCOS.

I can’t say enough about the benefits I’ve experienced working with EastWest Healing and will be always grateful for their patient listening ear, thoughtful guidance, and amazingly effective nutritional and lifestyle strategies. I would highly recommend working with EastWest to anyone experiencing female hormonal disruptions!