Claire M.

I have suffered from Endometriosis since I was 15. I came off the pill at approx 32 when we decided we wanted a baby and all of my problems had got far worse. Following coming off, I was ill for more days, suffered terrible bloating and painful sex.

Eventually I went back to the doctors and they sent me for a scan and found I had an ovarian cyst. I had a Laporoscopy and that’s when I found out I had extensive Endometriosis. The operation I had did no good at all and I carried on having problems and not getting pregnant.

I went back for another operation to drain another cyst a year later and found I had 3 large fibroids as well. To top this off I had been suffering with terrible fatigue mainly in the afternoons. I eat well (so I thought) no junk, occasional alcohol but nothing too much. I found it so frustrating as Im a very active gal, I have horses and dogs and it was more and more frustrating to not be able to do what I wanted to.

I went to see the doctor a couple of years ago and had blood tests, all came back fine and I was told I might have had a virus and not to worry. Two years later when I found Eastwest Healing and Performance online.. No energy, constantly exhausted,very down and more than anything NO baby.

I filled in lots of questionnaires that were sent to me, did some hormonal testing (via saliva) and the results just answered EVERY question about all of the above!! One consultation and test led to being able to deal with ALL of my health problems- just how cool is that. I’m not saying it was easy but it depends how much YOU want to get better! EastWest advised me on my nutritional plan, I kept a food diary which I emailed to them, I asked every question under the sun, which they answered. I was put on natural supplements (bio-idencials, blood sugar handling herbs, etc) and we had chats over the internet every 2 to 3 months or as needed.

As each month went by I started to feel better in myself, physically and mentally. I was more educated in the problems I had too as they had also recommended certain books to read. When I went to see the doctors I was able to “hold my own” and decide that IVF was not yet something we wanted to do until I was physically healthy again and at my best to deal with it as I knew I had a lot of healing to do.

Six months later…patience and dedication certainly paid off, I felt great – in mind and body and……. GOT PREGNANT!

If you ever think your job isn’t the best in the world, here is the proof it is. Beautiful little Ollie Bear was born on the 11th weighing 6.15lbs. I literally cant find enough words to describe the utter joy and love for our little chap. A week has gone by and we just stare at him, every part of our bodies just oozing love for him. I know I keep saying thanks and it seems such a small word for how much we really mean it.