After I started working with you, I have learned a lot more about my self, my mind and my body, and how to understand it better. I know how to nourish and fuel my body in much more easier and better way than before. I see quickly now what works and what does not work for me. And I eat better and more than I have ever done before. I am not as afraid of certain kinds of food anymore as I was before. I feel free, and more relaxed regarding food and my body. And I don’t also blame food for everything anymore. I have also learned to see that it is also a lot of other factors in my life and how I live my life that is much more important to understand and look at when regarding to my health issues. And it so good to see that food is not always to blame, and to see that I actually can use food to help my body respond better to those situations/things happening in my life. Body balance, Life balance and self care is key. I now eat what i want, and feel good. I understand my cravings, and know what to do about it, I know why I cant sleep at night, (which now is only on occasion), I know what stresses me out, what calms me down. I am much more aware and wise about whats going on in my body, and why that is, than I was before. Still it´s a journey, but now I at least know what I am doing and that I am driving the car, and that the car is no longer driving me. Thank you so much for all your help, it has really been a blessing for me.

Peace & Love E