Emily W.

After seven plus years as a vegan, I was at a crossroads. My health seemed to be declining, as I was unable to lose weight, my energy levels were inconsistent, and my skin was dry and flaky. After completing a hormone panel, I started to understand the problem. My progesterone levels were as low as they could be, and my testosterone was elevated. Cortisol levels were also high, and in general, things were not as they should be. After just six months my energy levels are consistent, my hair and nails strong and healthy, and most importantly my hormone levels were almost completely back to normal.

I had to step far outside my comfort zone and try a new way of eating, but they were great about helping me along the way, and making sure I felt supported at all times. The constant check-ins helped to hold me accountable to my actions and decisions, and I feel fully confident that I can continue this way of living for a long time to come. The team at East West Healing understand that good health must come first, and their gentle but effective form of coaching is great, regardless of what your nutrition background might be. As a nutritionist, I highly recommend their services. I’ve learned so much throughout this process, and now coach many of my clients to help heal their own metabolisms. Thanks so much, East West Healing, for helping me on my journey to better health!