Jodi G.

In 2012, I was given a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue but none of the supplements or hormones my doctor prescribed worked for me and I felt clueless and frustrated about where to look for answers.  My first introduction to Josh and Jeanne’s approach to achieving lasting health was through participating in their online educational program called Metabolic Blueprint. I have listened to the lessons repeatedly and still enjoy going back, connecting more dots and learning more each time. Subsequently, I began consulting for six months. After I started consulting with Josh & Jeanne I realized that I had never learned to listen to my body or paid attention to the feedback it is constantly giving me.

Josh and Jeanne truly live by the philosophy “Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime.” Teaching from this mindset involves investment of time and effort. I know I am changed for the better as a result of the investment the Rubin’s made in me.

Working one-on-one, brought clarity to my health puzzle, taught me how to experiment to determine what works best for my body and encouraged me at many points along the way. I am now equipped to carry on in my health journey and no longer feel powerless to help my body heal. I know which lifestyle changes I need to make and how to assess my symptoms and feedback going forward. I don’t question anymore which foods to eat and which ones to avoid and I am thrilled that I know why I am making these choices.  Making these changes to my lifestyle and diet were not always easy but the protocol at East West Healing and Performance is simple, consistent and rewarding. I know that  if I ever need help again or if I need to re-evaluate and adjust, the first people I will call are the Rubin’s.