Kristen N.

Before I began working with EastWest Healing I was at my breaking point I was not sleeping through the night, I was experiencing heart palpitations, every time I ate I was sick to my stomach which was crazy and I had uncontrollable cravings. Here I am a health and fitness expert eating what I thought was healthy and doing everything right yet feeling sick to my stomach after eating just about anything. I began feeling depressed and irritable because nothing I was doing was working.
I spent a lot of time searching the internet and had been practicing a Paleo diet pretty strictly for 3 years in a row and was just feeling awful. I found East West Healing through a mutual friend and contacted them. What I loved about EastWest healing is how different their approach to health was then anything else I had ever heard before and after 3 weeks of working with them I was sleeping through the night again and about 2 months into it I was no longer getting sick to my stomach after eating, especially when I would eat out at a restaurant. Fast forward several months and I no longer experienced cramps with my cycle, which was completely amazing! I no longer experience cravings,  I have so much energy, I am still sleeping through the night and I feel like a new person. Even if I do have an off day, I now know how to reset myself and exactly what I need for myself. Food gives me energy now instead of making me feel sick to my stomach, which is also amazing!
Thank you EastWest Healing for changing my life. I appreciate it and am thankful for what I went through because now when my clients come to me with similar issues I am now more informed on how to help them get their lives back.  Working with you has not only changed my life but those around me including my family. My Mom has been working with EastWest Healing for the past 4 months and experienced tremendous benefits. Thank you!