Lacy C.

I started working with Josh & Jeanne when I was about 5 months pregnant with my 3rd baby. Being in the health and fitness field I have always tried to eat “healthy”, I ate organic, avoided anything in a box, processed sugary foods, raw dairy etc.  After having my first 2 babies and (nursing for a year)  back to back my body was depleted. I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd when my son was just 9 month old. I was gravely tired, my short term memory was shot, my milk supply was low and it was hard for me to think clearly.  I felt I had no reserves to nourish a growing baby and I decided to try their approach to healing, with food.

They taught me how to use my food as medicine, by using the correct ratios of protein/carbs/fat.  They listened to me without judgement as well coached me how to listen to my body and reminded me that it was(and still is) a journey.  It took a few sessions but I started to feel much better, more energy, my skin looked amazing, my cognitive ability was improving, my sleep also improved. I followed the principles they taught me throughout my pregnancy and still do, 10 months post partum. I was back to my pre pregnancy body in 3 months and still successfully breast feed. I truly feel its because I nourish my body with the correct ratios of carbs/protein/fat that my body had what it needed to  bounce back so quickly and have enough milk for my growing baby. Thanks again Josh and Jeanne