Laura O.

When I first started I was naturally a little skeptical of the foods introduced as I am someone who is prone to gaining weight, and a female, we all know the ongoing battles of body image. Well needless to say I have been working with EastWest since June and I have not gained a pound and lately I am feeling trimmer and have so much more energy, therefore I am finally enjoying working out. My menstrual cycle was all over the place and my moods were up and down, but as of today my cycle is balanced and my moods are consistent, overall I am so much happier.

You are going to love every session. They are so good at breaking down what is happening in your body and letting you know why you may be feeling a certain way or what may be causing you to feel that way. In 4 months I have learned so much about my body and it is a great eye opener on why certain days or certain foods make you feel good and bad, and how by making small changes you will experience great big results. Trust me when I say you are in good hands with East West Healing! Congratulations on making the best investment in yourself and your health.