Liam S.

I have been interested and actively seeking information on how to eat “right” since I was a teenager.  Over the past 15 years I have come across and read well over a dozen “diet books” all based in some theory about how to unlock the potential of the human metabolism in order to bring about the most robust health state possible.  The programs were various however one thing they all had in common was they were general.  Everyone needs the same thing all problems have one solution. When I was first introduced to Josh and Jeanne’s approach to nutrition I was highly skeptical but the truth was I was not happy with the way I felt and no matter what I tried I could not figure out how to fix it.  I was dealing with abdominal discomfort 80% of the time at least.  This included bloating constipation, gas, intense stabbing pains in my gut almost every night.   I also would urinate at least every hour and up to 3 or four times a night.  I had stubborn belly fat, dark circles under my eyes and was always worn out, and anxious.

Josh and Jeanne did not seem to be surprised that what I considered to be the best diet the universe or money could provide was not helping me come out of this degenerated condition.  I was restricting protein giving up my staples of beef pork chicken, going off all my supplements and drinking juice!!!!!   I thought carbs were poison and that the reliance on sugar for energy weekend the body leading to all sorts of metabolic distortions and disease including heart disease, diabetes, constipation, weight gain and obesity, cancer etc.

Over the first few months I gained some weight but my temperature also went up and my heart rate regulated.  I could also consume dairy and other foods I previously could not.  It seemed like what they said would happen did so I kept it up.  Over the next 3 months as my metabolism began to really turn up I began to eat more feel like I had more energy than I had ever had in my life and lost 11 pounds of fat and gained 7 pounds of muscle.  The funny thing is I was working out less than I had been previously.  I was urinating much less frequently and was much less thirsty.  My dark circles began to fade.  I began to be able to feel when I needed more carbs or protein or fat and could adjust my ratios and bounce what I was doing off them.  I was beginning to find a way of eating that truly worked for ME….  I could evaluate when my diet was ready to change by the tools I had been given through the process of Josh and Jeanne’s program!!