Lisa V.

I signed up for the RTN program really just to support my sister who had, alongside myself, been diagnosed with Hashimotos. She wanted to do the program but had a serious motorbike accident and was unable to commit to the program so I completed the program thinking I would just teach her the info I would be learning. I thought I was pretty much on top of metabolic eating and having followed a prometabolic eating plan for 2 years thought I knew enough.
How wrong I could be.
Josh and Jeannes take on healing was so in alignment with my own personal and professional beliefs (I am a health professional) so information resonated with me.  The content and way it was delivered was so different to what I had been following it made me reassess everything I had been doing.
I rediscovered how to tap in to and truly listen to my body, how I responded to not only food but my environment, my stressors and my breathing style.
I discovered that the combination of roots and fruits at most meals a total game changer for my energy and hunger where I had been afraid of starches in the past.
I discovered I was just eating way too much for my metabolic state and needed to reassess the quantity of food I ate and focus on the quality.
I discovered that whilst I thought I had stress under control I had many changes that needed to occur. Josh’s comment “You can strangle nutrition  till your blue in the  face but until you get your stress levels under control you will never heal.“
By the end of the program I had completely revamped my work situation, moved my clinic home, allowed time to breath regularly throughout the day, replaced heavy weight training with daily nature walks, focused on functional resistance training, and eat to sustain and regulate blood sugar levels.
I have reversed my Hashimotos diagnosis , I have energy all day, I feel calm, the weight I had gained is almost miraculously slowly coming off and I am HAPPY.
I highly recommend it his program!
Lisa V (Austrailia)