Mark L.

Josh and Jeanne are the doctors of the future! Before consulting with them I was depressed, tired, fatigued, and underweight, had athletes foot, a crazy sleeping pattern and looked dreadful. After only a few months I now feel amazing! I have lots of energy and I’m mega happy every day. If my sleeping pattern goes off I can just snap it back to normal. Even after late nights I can still wake up early and feel great the next day just using my diet. I can’t believe how far my health has come in such a short amount of time, I’ve been through a few crazy diets in my attempts to get healthy; it was such a pain trying to take in and apply all the latest information from apparent health gurus and doctors. I eventually came across EastWest Healing’s YouTube videos which helped tremendously, but something still wasn’t right, I was in better condition than before but still had all the same symptoms and felt like crap. So I decided to arrange my consults and a just short while later, using the information Josh and Jeanne gathered from me and my food & mood logs (No expensive tests) and applying their recommendations I was better in no time! I’m doing everything I want to be doing right now in life with nothing to hold me back. I highly recommend saving yourself the headaches and wasted efforts that I had to go through and get help from the real healing experts! Don‚t wait around like I did.