Working with EastWest Healing has been incredibly helpful — I’ve tried dozens of different diets and approaches to heal my digestive issues, and after 10 years of confusion and pain they finally gave me an approach that works.

From the outset, it was never a ‘one-size fits all’ approach: They worked with me one-on-one to develop a customized plan to meet my specific needs. In just 4 months I lost 40 lbs of excess weight (220lbs down to 180lbs!), reduced my belly size by about half, and was sleeping soundly for at least 8 hours a night. Most importantly, I had regular bowel movements with clean, painless stools. This is after more than 10 years of bloating, abdominal pain, runny stools, gut dysbiosis and all other things IBS. And while I still currently have to limit certain foods from my diet, this by no means set in stone: They gave me the tools to effectively introduce new foods over time and let my body adjust. Foods like peaches, grapes, melons, mangoes and bananas used to wreak the most havoc on my system, but thanks to their help, I eat them daily with little to no problems whatsoever.

The beauty of their program is that it’s malleable — they gave me the tools to take care of myself and to let my diet evolve as I become stronger and healthier. They also made sure that I didn’t need to keep seeing them — a great sign when it comes to health practitioners. I can’t recommend their services enough for people who struggle with health symptoms like mine.