Mike D.

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis eight years ago. The doctors told me to take this prescription drug and oh yeah, you will probably have this disease for the rest of your life so learn to live with it and you may even need your colon removed some day. I struggled and got chronically worse over the years to the point that my inflammation in my gut was exacerbating my low back issue. That is what led me to EastWest Healing.

After the most thorough examination revealing layers of problems, including a fungal infection, adrenal gland failure, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic back pain, EastWest Healing coached me through radically changing my diet and a workout program to rebuild my core and gut. It was very challenging. Today I make all my own food from organic, grass fed, and wild sources. Along with some initial supplements, this new diet has totally healed my gut. I am totally off the medication I was on for eight years and I am not taking any supplements or vitamins, only whole, natural, organic food sources. I feel alive again, I sleep at night and no longer battle with my stomach on a daily bases as I once did. EastWest Healing set high standards for me to follow and educated me along the way during the last six months about making better choices and listening to my body.

I am truly grateful for the knowledge and passion behind EastWest Healing to bring people to wholeness. My journey continues and now I am able to share what is working for me with others. I highly recommend EastWest Healing to anyone who is willing to put forth the effort to get well.