Nancy Tanner

I was told I had a slight hypothyroid after my second child was born. I didn’t really address it specifically, I was busy, I now had two children, a small farm, and animals that needed me, and was running my two businesses. And for almost two decades I just kept giving and nurturing everything around me, but myself. Even with all of the beautiful food we produced, my digestion started to show signs of unwell about ten years ago, but I didn’t think much of it, other than notice it, still busy, still giving. And then I noticed that I wasn’t eating much any longer, and my relationship with food wasn’t healthy. Over time, because food hurt, or I couldn’t digest it properly, I just started to not eat, and then the giant snowball of bad health caught up to me, fatigue, poor sleep, gall bladder issues, abdominal pain, headaches, the whole enchilada! I had been following Jeanne and Josh Rubin’s information for about 7-8 years, and it just felt like the right fit this year to work one-on-one. It was taking all of the good food we have and learning how to take care of myself again. I believe my body is still in the process of healing, I can feel it, but I have had almost a year of learning how to give myself the time and space for movement, sunshine, more food more often and in better combinations, and less stress. So thank you for putting common sense and nutritional knowledge at the forefront of my life again. – Nancy Tanner