As a registered nurse, I knew I would never take any of the cholesterol lowering medications. I had seen the side effects one too many times. However, this past March, my cholesterol rose to 242 and the normal high is 200!!!! I started a program in April designed by EastWest Healing, taking garlic tablets, and eating more protein and good fat, and carbohydatates! I am using mostly all organic products, coconut oil, olive oil, and lots of organic produce…whole milk, butter, unpasteurized cheese- all organic as well!!! I have replaced bread with rice bread products and crackers…and stopped eating all the processed products with names I cannot pronounce….and the great news is that less than 4 months later my cholesterol has dropped 21 points already and my bad cholesterol is normal as well as my ratio!! My doctor was more than pleased…so if you know anyone that would like to lower their cholesterol the natural way, contact EastWest Healing!