Pippa G.

I got interested in Nutrition because I suffered from a nervous breakdown at age 25… I then became deeply depressed and gained a lot of weight and suffered from anxiety attacks, this went on for 2 years until I finally discovered Raw Veganism.. I thought I had found the miracle cure to all ills as I lost all the weight I gained and my depression lifted and I felt this new lease on life. This lasted around 6 months before i started going into deficiencies and started feeling tired all the time.. I thought this was detox and continued on this path for another 8 years becoming very depleted by the end of it. I then tried every other diet out there, I tried every nutritional therapy, supplement, read hundreds of books, spent hours scanning the internet and did some wacky things from urine fasting, excluding different types of macro nutrients, drinking lemonade every half hour to every kind of lab work out there.

When I was introduced to EastWest, I was suffering from depression, low self esteem, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, brain fog, emotional swings and all round blahs about my life. It all just felt too much. I just couldn’t deal with stress and would melt down at the slightest smell of it.

Fast forward 1 year and I am doing so much better. They really taught me how to eat, when to eat, what to eat and gave me all the tools to continue to monitor myself.

I now have my life back. I go dancing once a week and am able to really shake my booty and wake up feeling great the next day. I love dancing and it was so hard for me to go dancing and be so tired after 5 minutes and then taking 2 days to recover from those few moments of fun.

I feel mentally and emotionally stable for the most part and am shocked at how well I am now able to deal with things that before would have sent me into a nose dive of crying and freak outs.

I am able to work more and have a regular life, something I was not able to imagine just a year ago. I’m so grateful to them for showing me how to take care of myself and how to eat a balanced diet. I really can not express in words how much this work saved my life. I was indeed getting to the end of my rope when I signed up to work with them and I’m happy to say that although it hasn’t all been plain sailing, I have had an incredibly understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable guide to show me the way and who never stopped believing I could recover my health even in those moments I was freaking out.

I have tears in my eyes as I write these words of gratitude because they really can not touch how good it feels to be happy and healthy once again.