I had to do something for myself. I was 48 with a grim future of decline. Again my partner kept reading and I started the AIP diet. I did get some improvement, TPA did lower but benefits plateaued and I lost 2 stone in weight. Some people might think this is great and at the time I thought I looked amazing but in fact I was overly skinny, had no muscle tone and could barely walk the length of myself. During this period my partner was still doing lots of reading and research. He came across East West Healing podcasts.

I started food frequency on my own which made a difference but I needed guidance. We contacted East West Healing and i have had regular consultations. For the last year I have been guided through the RTN process. I am not there yet but here is where I have got to. I now sleep all night – its just wonderful. My hair has got thicker, its a small thing but a big thing. I don’t have the anxiety and worry I used to have and am able to deal with much more and believe me its been a tricky year with major work changes and my mother dying.

I am happy. I can remember the first day I felt happy again, I remember thinking “oh this is what happy feels like”. I can work in the garden. This had become impossible as I had no muscle strength or energy and the garden is one of my biggest passions. I no longer bloat and my digestion is continually improving. I have been working with East West Healing for a year now and my life has transformed. I wanted to share some of my story for those of you who are looking for help with thyroid related issues.