Shannon F.

A huge thank you to east west healing! Wow! It’s been life changing working with them on so many levels! The things I thought I would be learning are nothing compared to what I REALLY learned! You can only understand this if you experience it, and so I’m grateful I was able to do this program.

Thank you! Thank you! for freeing me out of the nutrition and lifestyle prison I put myself in!

I think one of the biggest thing I’ve learned from them is to tell myself it’s a process, somehow that word is disarming enough to have given myself a break, cut myself some slack, and not be so hard on myself. It being a process, has helped me push forward and not give up through a lot of discouraging months.

The one on one coaching, is really the greatest gift. The grace I was shown and the gentle coaxing of taking baby steps, like little gems being dropped down on this path to health, turned into an unfolding of so many great tools and lessons! I look back and realize those gems given to me, shifted me ever so slightly on a beneficial path, before I knew it, My path was filled with health, stability, contentment, goals and all kinds of exciting “gem” like stuff! It’s mind blowing and really hard to articulate! And really hard to just say “thank you”, it’s so much than that! Total life changer! I’m grateful, blessed and honored to have done the program.