The Body Cannot Heal When Locked in a State of Survival


After working for well over a decade helping people discover and create health in their life, the most common trend we witness is people repeatedly trying to heal while they are in a state of running for their lives!

They are frustrated, confused, tired, overwhelmed and disillusioned. It is heartbreaking, unnecessary and time we begin to reevaluate our approach to health and healing by redefining what it means to be healthy.

Cellular energy production is the human body’s most fundamental need. Each one of us entered this world as a single cell and have since then multiplied into trillions of cells that breathe and nourish every tissue in the body.

If you are someone who suffers from low energy, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, auto immune conditions, anxiety, irritability, depression, hypoglycemia, skin issues or brain fog, chances are your energy systems have gone awry and you are living in a physiological state of survival (ie. chronic stress).

What does this mean? In keeping it simple, it means all systems in the body are on red alert. When their is not enough energy to support the demands of daily life the body has only one choice – to release excess stress hormones to compensate for the lack. Over time and when left unmanaged or unidentified living in this state results in disease and conditions.

What’s the solution? Replenish, replenish replenish!

Living in a chronic state of survival directly affects the livers ability to store energy (glucose) resulting in the inability to regulate blood sugar- the greatest stress to the human body (and a very vicious cycle).

As we begin to strategically and intentionally work with the rhythm of the body (meal timing, food choice and portion) to replenish stored energy we are able to:

  • regulate blood sugar
  • reduce the burden being placed on the adrenals
  • increase thyroid hormone conversion
  • increase energy production
  • recover digestive function
  • regulate the nervous system and
  • Take the body out of survival and create the perfect environment for healing to take place!

Restoration Thyroid Nutrition (RTN) Group Coaching Program is designed specifically to teach you how to do this so you can create a nutritional foundation that supports and heals you!

As humans we are highly adaptable, meaning, just as we have adapted into a state of chronic stress and imbalance (when given the right environment), we are just as capable of adapting back to a state of balance and homeostasis (when given the right environment). 

Are you ready to take this journey and reclaim your power over your own health?

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