The Metabolic Blueprint Testimonial!

metabolic blueprint testimonial“I’ve been working on the Metabolic Blueprint foods, ratios, freq’s etc with pulse and temps since the start of the year. Many changes : ) but a couple I thought interesting to share… what I love the most – I’ve become able to retain far more information and process at a faster and more efficient level when I study (the nerd in me loves this). What I don’t love the most – my breasts have gotten smaller (yes… I can be shallow too).

Structurally, pain in my right SIJ and superficial nerve pain on the top of my right foot – gone. And that was after having it from a serious car accident in 2001. Plus the pain from an old knee injury cleared too. I also enjoy no longer feeling nauseous most days, especially around my menstrual cycle or wondering if I’ll make it through the day without being tired.  For 10 or so months work, not a bad outcome! Thanks for sharing your work Josh and Jeanne, love you both for it and love everything that I am learning : )” ~A.S. (Australia)

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  1. Chris Durkee

    Hi, Josh and Jeanne. I’m enjoying your audio series again. I’m wondering about “The Metabolic Blueprint”. Do you offer it or something else like it today? I seem to recall that you had to “retire” it a few years ago. I missed out at the time. Is “The Female Body Blueprint” similar and would the information in it be helpful for me as an older female (68)? Thank you!

    June 24, 2018 • 6:14 pm •
  2. EastWest Healing

    That’s great. yes that ebook is available on our website under store > ebooks

    June 25, 2018 • 8:40 am •