The Thyroid: Part 1

Could thyroid be THE most important hormone in the body? According to Dr. Ray Peat PhD, it can help increase calorie burning, accelerate healing, initiate regeneration, keep sex hormones levels high, lower inflammation, improve digestion and create an overall feeling of happiness. The thyroid gland cannot do this alone. It needs the right diet and life style factors to support it.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism (low) are: fatigue, cold hands and feet, weight gain, low body temps, poor reflexes, high (usually in the 90’s) or low pulse rates, infertility (men and woman), depression, poor concentration, constipation, dry hair and skin, and as you age the outer third of the eyebrow can disappear as well as the hair on the bottom two-thirds of the leg.

High or hyperthyroidism is rare. It is referred to as Grave’s disease. It results in a high metabolism. When you are truly hyperthyroid you have a feeling of well being high temps, high pulse, and can eat 2500 calories and not gain weight. This disease is often diagnosed by a blood test, but still may not be reliable with physical symptoms.

I want to back up a bit. What exactly is the thyroid? The thyroid gland is located in the front and at the bottom of your neck. It produces two hormones T3 and T4. T3 is the active form thyroid hormone and can be used immediately by the cells. T3 comes from T4 and this conversion happens in the liver. You can see how a good healthy liver is important to our health.Your thyroid will produce adequate thyroid hormone when you are in good health. If your winters are long and dark you might find your metabolism slowing down. This is because the thyroid gland needs sunlight.If your food is highly processed and contains soy, corn, cotton seed or any oil the remains liquid when cold, if you are on the pill or taking HRT,  using an IUD, if you eat too much meat or are a vegan you might be seriously slowing down your thyroid.

If your liver is not overburdened with polyunsaturated fats (PUFA’s) and hormones like estrogen, and the liver has ample supply of sugar, it can readily convert T4 to T3.The liver is the factory of the body, it stores sugar as glycogen for later use, organizes proteins and fats for distribution and breaks down toxins and hormones.You cannot live without sugar! It is the most important fuel for the human body, When you increase your sugar intake you speed up the conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver. If you have more T3 the body can store it in the liver, brain and muscles. This is important – once you have enough good stored sugar your life will change.

You store sugar as glycogen in the liver, brain and muscles. When you store more efficiently your blood sugar levels are more stable. This means that you have the back up sugar or glycogen to get through long periods without eating.You can store sugar in the liver, brain and muscles. When you store sugar more efficiently your blood sugar levels are more stable. This means that you have back up sugar or glycogen to get through long periods without eating. At night your sleep can become deeper and more relaxed because your sugar can help lower adrenalin. High adrenalin at night can cause nightmares, erratic sleep and night sweats. Throughout the day when you are busy you can depend on stored sugar to keep you going until you eat again. When your blood sugar levels drop, adrenalin rises which causes you to feel nervous and unfocused. Even though your body releases fat to burn as a back up fuel, this is not the best way to make good energy as fat produces less energy per gram than sugar.

The hormone T3 increases the rate of calorie burning, For this to happen sugar, oxygen and an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase need to be present in the cell for energy production. It is the thyroid hormone T3 and sunlight that activate this enzyme.If you are overweight, tired, anxious or cannot sleep at night, it is quite possible that your thyroid hormones and your sunshine quotient are lacking.When cellular energy production drops. your cells are less efficient. When this happens, instead of producing high quality energy, the sugar in the cells tend to ferment or turn into lactic acid. Lactic acid in turn can lower thyroid function.

By Linda DeFever

This is not another “DIE-t” but a guide (FREE download) in helping you define exactly what you need to support yourself nutritionally, increase energy and live the life you desire!

Stay tuned for Part Two –
What You Can Do About Your Thyroid

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