1. The Body Cannot Heal When Locked in a State of Survival

      After working for well over a decade helping people discover and create health in their life, the most common trend we witness is people repeatedly trying to heal while they are in a state of running for their lives! They are frustrated, confused, tired, overwhelmed and disillusioned. It is heartbreaking, unnecessary and time we begin to reevaluate our approach... Read More

  2. Six Ways Stress Can Lead to Hypothyroidism

    Dysglycemia: High and low blood sugar both contribute to compromised gut health, respiratory health, hormone imbalances, exhausted adrenals, impaired liver function and a weakened metabolic state. Each of these effects significantly weakens thyroid function. As long as you are unable to regulate your blood sugar, whatever you do to fix your thyroid isn’t going to work. Disruption of the HPA... Read More

  3. How To Use Your Food To Outsmart Stress

    “Excessive stress occurs when the demands placed on an organism exceed that organisms reasonable capacity to fulfill them.” – Hans Seyle In this video, we share with you all the ways we have been able to successfully guide people through the development of a nutrition strategy designed specifically to: Reduce the stress and inflammation in the body. Heal the adrenal... Read More

  4. Take A Snap Shot Of Your Adrenal/Thyroid Health

          If you are interested in knowing whether or not you have or are headed toward “adrenal fatigue”, take your body temperature and pulse in the morning, before you get out of bed. There is a real trend in the world of health and healing to get sucked down this rabbit hole of lab testing and supplement protocols... Read More

  5. Adrenal Fatigue = Chronic Blood Sugar Imbalance

    Chronic imbalances in your blood sugar result in Adrenal Fatigue (AF). What causes blood sugar imbalances? Chasing your tail from one day to the next Missing meals Over exercising Under exercising Low calories diets and finally, Low carbohydrate diets How does this happen? Your body requires fuel to burn, and when it does not have fuel (ie. low blood sugar)... Read More

  6. 8 Ways To Successfully Navigate Eating Out

    Not being able to eat out is one of the biggest fears people have when they consider shifting over to a healthier lifestyle. In our opinion, eating out IS healthy. If you love food the way we love food, eating out is exciting, its new and its a great time to be with family and friends. In other words, it... Read More

  7. 5 Things You Need To Know About Coffee

    To coffee or not to coffee?…a question we receive often. Bottom line:  It all depends on how well you are able to regulate your blood sugar. Most people with hypothyroidism have a very difficult time regulating blood glucose levels as a result of chronically low glycogen reserves stored in the liver (an adaptive stress response).  In cases such as this,... Read More

  8. Cholesterol and Hypothyroidism

    We have known for over a hundred years that hypothyroidism causes heart disease, not cholesterol. Cholesterol is simply an innocent bystander. In fact, cholesterol is just trying to do what it is intended to do, protect you! Our goal here today is not to dwell on all the fear-based tactics the medical and pharmaceutical industry take to lead you down... Read More

  9. Roasted Root Vegetables For Your Thyroid

    Ingredients: 2 lbs. of your favorite assorted root vegetables, peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces (the more uniform the cut, the more even cooking) 1 large red  onion, peeled and diced 1/3 coconut oil, melted Several sprigs of fresh thyme Pure sea salt and ground white pepper 2 Tbsp. of butter 2 Tbsp. of raw honey or maple syrup... Read More

  10. 5 Reasons Creating Healthy Habits Fail

    As we step into another new year it felt like an appropriate time to explore some of the reasons humans struggle with creating healthy habits. After 15 years of working with people to create change/health you begin to identify common human behaviors responsible for the path to failure. No judgment…this shit is just as challenging for me as it is... Read More