1. Cold showers, metabolic breathing and more!

    Join in on a great conversation we recently shared with Allison Pelot and Maja Gottlieb on Integrate Yourself Podcast about all things health including cold showers, metabolic breathing and more!   To learn more or to speak directly with Josh or Jeanne regarding your health and nutrition needs or to schedule a private consultation, please contact us here. Before you... Read More

  2. SIBO – is it really the “root cause”?

    Is SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) really at the root of all your discomfort? No it is not. Nor is Candida, IBS, gluten intolerance, autoimmune issues, hormonal imbalances and any other diagnosis/dis-ease you want to throw out there. We know, bold statement, but its true. For the sake of today we are using SIBO and other digestive breakdown as an... Read More

  3. HPA Dysfunction and Food Strategy

    “Excessive stress occurs when the demands made on an organism exceed that organisms reasonable capacity to fulfill them.” – Hans Seyle Healing the body using food is not just about eating “clean” anymore. The conversation is much deeper and demands much more attention then just eating healthy food, changing your diet or taking supplements. As we know, times are a... Read More

  4. Hypothyroidism and Glycogen Deficiency

    Have you ever really questioned why people are so afraid of sugar? Well besides all the anti-sugar propaganda designed to scare you out of your mind! So much so you literally run the opposite direction at any site of a “carbohydrate”? We are up against a very interesting catch 22 here. You see…our society is so afraid of sugar we... Read More

  5. Long term healthy weight loss

    Everybody wants to achieve long term health weight loss! This explains very well why ALL, not some or most, straight up ALL nutrition programs exploit weight loss or more so the human emotion attached to looking a certain way. If I look a certain way I will be accepted. “When I lose the weight I will be able to accept... Read More

  6. Hyperthyroidism Checklist

    We have a vast history of working with people with “hypothyroidism” and rarely ever talk about clients that we worked with that had hyperthyroidism. First of all, we feel that hyperthyroidism is rare. Secondly, we feel that it is commonly misdiagnosed when people really have “hypothyroidism” And lastly, most people that are taking thyroid medications when they don’t need them... Read More

  7. Liver – thyroid superfood

    Liver – thyroid superfood, also known as natures superfood has been honored by traditional cultures around the world for generation upon generation. In fact, these foods were rendered non-negotiable additions to the diet where today its just not common to have these foods available in our day to day lives. Hopefully as you read this and explore the many different... Read More

  8. What you need to know about iron supplementation

        As usual we would love to hear from you! Just scroll down and leave us a little note about what you learned. Did you find these videos insightful? Are you someone using iron supplementation? Is it working? Also, just a reminder, if you are interested in scheduling some time to talk with Josh or Jeanne, click here to... Read More

  9. Enchiladas for thyroid health

    Oh how beautiful this sounds! Yes!! You can eat enchiladas and restore the health and function of your thyroid at the same time! For me, everything Mexican food makes me happy so to know I can eat it without guilt and to know it supports the health of my body makes it a win win in my eyes! Spaghetti squash... Read More

  10. Stress, Disease and Health

    Health in its truest form requires attention to the mind, the body and the spirit. Yet there seems to be a tendency toward holding all our attention in the physical with an attempt to “treat” the body as a separate entity then the mind or spirit. As you will hear Gabor Mate state, one cannot separate the person from the... Read More