1. Change Your Life, Change Your Relationship…

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  2. What are avocados good for?

    Avocados. I.Love.Avocados. But what are avocados good for? Below, Josh is going to breakdown the pros and cons of avocado consumption. Some say good, some say bad, we say its all about the balance and always about the body. Be sure to scroll down. We have shared one of our favorite meals, which just so happens to include avocado:)  ... Read More

  3. Real Food vs Supplements

    Real Food vs Supplements and 4 reasons to choose real food over supplementation. Regardless of all the differences of opinion in the world of health and nutrition, most can agree on one thing – whole foods are always going to be better then refined, processed foods. But when it comes to supplementation, even those striving to help others achieve health... Read More

  4. The 5 Key Essentials to Health

    The 5 Key Essentials to Health The path to health is not a linear process. Meaning you do not always get better one step at a time. It is more like waves and spirals, things change and move. It is not sequential, nor is it straight, direct, undeviating, or any other part of google’s definition of “linear”. There are many... Read More

  5. Carrageenan: Safe for Consumption?

    What is Carrageenan? The conversation around food additives, such as carrageenan, is something we need to continue to revisit because food additives are hidden in everything! And even despite all the hype around diet and nutrition, lots of you are still unaware of the affects these very things can be having on your health. If you are not reading food... Read More

  6. Hypoglycemia and Headaches

    Hypoglycemia and Headaches What if your headaches have nothing to do with an Advil or Ibuprofen deficiency and everything to do with being hypoglycemic?! What if your headaches had everything to do with not only how you perceive stress, but also how your mind and your body are able to handle the stress? To quote James LaValle N.D., controlling stress... Read More

  7. Simple Steps To Making Bone Broth

    Here is a simple step-by-step approach to making bone broth. This is a weekly ritual in our home so we have it down to a science and wanted to share it with you in hopes to make your life a little bit more simple. The bones used in this recipe are knuckle and marrow beef bones but you can use... Read More

  8. Eating Greens For Thyroid Health

    Are you bloated and gassy, but really enjoys your greens? If the answer is yes, keep reading to learn how eating greens for thyroid health can work for you! If so, there are some things you need to know, especially if you are someone with hypothyroidism or suffering from hypothyroid symptoms. To avoid getting stuck in the “this is good”... Read More

  9. Bulletproof Broth

    Eating healthy food can sometimes leave you a bit confused. Most of you have really made a concerted effort to eat healthy food yet still find yourselves falling short, which can lead to a lot of frustration. We talk about this a lot and find more often then not, it really has nothing to do with the food, as much... Read More

  10. Do You Have Hypothyroidism Part 2

    Do You Have Hypothyroidism Part 2 As spoken by Dr. Diane Schwarzbein, “our hormones control our metabolism and we control our hormones.” Every day the body is working to maintain some degree of homeostasis, by which the thyroid hormone is a main player. It is the responsibility of the thyroid to regulate the metabolism by detecting subtle shifts in the... Read More