SIBO – is it really the “root cause”?

Is SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) really at the root of all your discomfort?

No it is not.

Nor is Candida, IBS, gluten intolerance, autoimmune issues, hormonal imbalances and any other diagnosis/dis-ease you want to throw out there.

We know, bold statement, but its true.

For the sake of today we are using SIBO and other digestive breakdown as an example to explain what is really at the root.

After spending the last decade plus observing the unrelenting efforts being put forth by hundreds of thousands all over the world to improve digestion, rid the body of candida, SIBO, leaky gut, food intolerances among a plethora of other bacterial imbalances and other digestive issues, well to be quite frank, we are exhausted!

And we can’t even imagine how you feel if you resonate with what we are saying.

Here is the problem, the attention is on the wrong system.

This conversation was evoked after a client who has been struggling with candida for some time now couldn’t understand why we (EastWest Healing) do not recommend supplements to support the liver detox and function.

To begin, supplementation is not not part of our practice.

In fact, everything we recommend is in support of the health of the liver but we first have to realize that when we cannot convert food energy into energy and fuel for the body, the liver is going to be affected.

ALL systems are going to be compromised!

So what makes more sense? Shoving a supplement into a compromised system where there is chaos and confusion or taking some time to quiet the system so, if and when supplementation may be appropriate, the body can process it and reap the benefits?

Ok…so what does this all have to do with SIBO (remember, we are just using it as an example) ?

Our practice involves restoring energy systems.


Because without energy we fall apart.

Your ability or inability to produce energy at the level of the cell (identified through body temperature and pulse) has a direct affect on ALL OTHER SYSTEMS.

I know we already mentioned this above however, this simple fact needs to be digested (pun definitely intended:)).

So one more time for s!%&s and giggles…every function of the body is compromised when the body cannot produce ATP, carbon dioxide and water- especially the digestive system.

Moving on…when your metabolic system is in disarray we have to begin to question whether or not it makes more sense to restore homeostasis (balance) first or just keep on with the trend of plugging in more supplementation to a body already in chaos and confusion?

You are pretty smart and we think you would agree what we are saying makes sense.

Your cells are at the root of who you are.

You came into this world as a single cell and have since multiplied into the trillions of cells that make up who you are.

Every tissue in your body is composed of cells and every cell requires thyroid hormone.

Stress suppresses thyroid hormone conversion (hence the massive epidemic of subclinical hypothyroidism occurring right here and right now) and the inability to convert thyroid hormone results in the release of stress hormones necessary to compensate for the lack of energy. And here we find yet another layer of stress!

Its freakin insanity and a very vicious cycle that must be broken!

Stress (be it internal, external, felt or unfelt) hormones create digestive problems because they inhibit peristalsis and channel blood away from the gut and toward the extremities.

This creates stagnicity in the gut, not to mention a decrease in enzyme production, which then leaves the body relying on bacteria to do the work of the digestive enzymes. This in turn leads to the formation of toxic by-products (endotoxins), which over time damage the intestinal walls.

What are we left with?

Low thyroid function, compromised digestion, chronic inflammation, weakened immunity, hormonal imbalances…and on and on.


SIBO is not the issue. It is a symptom of a greater metabolic issue compromising the health and function of the digestive system.

Low blood sugar leads to low thyroid which forces the body into  survival mode which then leads to decreased enzymes that regulate bacteria.

Digestion is a top to bottom process and hydrochloric acid (HCL) is at the hierarchy. Imbalances in cortisol/DHEA ratios are the greatest offender to the production of HCL.

If you are someone in a battle with your digestive system, taking loads of digestive enzymes, eating loads of vegetables and other foods the human body cannot breakdown, if you are avoiding carbohydrates like the plague and changing absolutely nothing other then what you are eating, stop!

There is a good chance are you are creating the perfect environment for SIBO and all other sorts of bacterial imbalances and other dis-ease.

It is time to reevaluate the situation and imperative you take a time out to:

  1. Assess your personal stressors.
  2. Gain a clear perspective on what you are eating day to day so you can be sure you are meeting your daily energy demands.
  3. Assess how well you are producing energy by taking your body temperature and pulse upon waking, after breakfast and after lunch.

To learn more or to speak directly with Josh or Jeanne regarding your health and nutrition needs or to schedule a private consultation, please contact us here.


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  1. Tawnya

    I take digestive enzymes unfortunately because had gallbladder removed. Do you work with people that have stealth infections like lyme, babesia, Bartonella?

    August 3, 2017 • 9:27 am •
  2. East West Healing

    Hi Tawyna,

    Yes, all the time. Again, our goal is not to “treat” a diagnosis but to help people begin to understand how to determine what their body needs nutritionally dependent on where they may be in their healing process. It is all about meeting the body where it is to assist it back into a state of health.

    August 6, 2017 • 3:02 pm •
  3. Ann

    This is great writing, makes such sense! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    For us that have struggled with what we have thought have been candida and sibo, when refeeding and using food as strategy (which is giving me fantastic results as I’ve written on another comment here), I find that it helps to focus on only drinking and eating warm och cooked food and drink, otherwise my stomach really acts up with bloat and gas when eating carbs. My go-to remedy is warm ginger tea made from dried ginger, not fresh, a couple of teaspoons cooked in water for 20 mins and then strained. I also warm up my orange juice to at least body temp before drinking it (but find I have to go easy on it otherwise my stomach gets too acid).

    August 16, 2017 • 1:38 am •