Why we created The Metabolic Blueprint

When we created The Metabolic Blueprint in January of 2012, we had no idea how much of a success it would be. We worked 7 days a wk, of all hrs of the day to collect, organize and create all that goes into The Metabolic Blueprint. So far it has been a success and we are happy to say that in less than 1yr and only 2 classes that there are currently over 200 practitioners in The Metabolic Blueprint Posse:)

Here is a recent testimonial from a Chemist and Physicist about The Metabolic Blueprint:

“Hi Josh and Jeanne! I am writing this because I feel you have a feel for the true integrity and experience of the purveyor. You have revealed this to me in your program, both in the manual and audios. I don’t take many courses cause most information out there is just repeated by people who don’t have much experience working with clients. But I feel the need here because of the “this is who we are” approach that you convey, which is inspiring and gives others permission to be themselves as well.  I am seeing connection after connection and link after link in the way you have written and spoken already. Thank you for making your understandings available, it is going to make the world of difference to my patients – and me. I don’t think you guys quite know and understand the brilliance of what you have here. It might not be obvious to you or others, but as a Chemist, Physicist and Health Practitioner, it is noticeable and appreciated by me. Kind regards!


Of course along the way we have encountered a lot of nay sayers. We understand that most focus on price and really don’t understand what the value of $597 gets you. So, we wanted to create a small blog so people understand why we created The Metabolic Blueprint, what is involved in it, who is it for and not for! So here we go…

What does “The Metabolic Blueprint” have to offer you?

1. Tools to define what the body needs to heal. There is nation wide confusion about what is “healthy” and what is not. This information is translated into “diet” systems designed around the exclusion of a particular macro-nutrient and/or emphasis on a particular “health” food.

These “systems” do not take into account human metabolism and energy production and most important, individuality. The Metabolic Blueprint teaches how the body, dependent of the state of metabolism, metabolizes food.

The human body was designed to use food as energy. Unfortunately there is massive confusion and foods being marketed as “healthy” are main contributors to the chaos.

The Metabolic Blueprint teaches about food, what food means to the human body and how to use food to heal.

2. Peace of mind. In seeking out health and healing often accompanies an intention of wanting the best for oneself. Unfortunately, one of the most common themes we have encountered working with practitioners and pay people across the nation is a lack of understanding behind the WHY. Why am I eating gluten free? Why am I taking EFA’s? Why am I intolerant to dairy? Why do I need to take these supplements? Why do I need to do this lab? Why do I need more protein? More Carbohydrate? More fat?

The Metabolic Blueprint was designed to offer you the WHY behind everything you do on your journey to wellness and exactly what it means to you!

3. An introduction into century old information. The Metabolic Blueprint is a conglomeration of the most influential pioneers in physiology. The work of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Noble Prize winner), Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize winner), Hans Selye (Endocrinologist), Broda Barnes (Endocrinologist) provided the key to understanding the effects of energy production, at the level of the cell, on the body wide system of systems and overall health.

4. Stress reduction. Stress has only one response in the body and what the body determines stressful is completely and totally independent of each individual, where they come from and the individual body’s ability to manage the surrounding environment.

Stress is the body’s way of responding to any kind of demand.  When resources (nutrients) are available to support the demand, the body accesses stored energy, is replenished and recovers.

When these resources become scarce, managing blood sugar becomes challenged. When faced with stress blood glucose levels will drop, initiating the production of adrenaline.  This can be a self perpetuating cycle when left unattended and leads to severe degenerative processes.

Meditation, sleep, taking supplements or the elimination of gluten are not cutting it any longer. The Metabolic Blueprint teaches you how to manage stress using the exact food resources designed to fuel each and every cell in the body.

5. A foundation for healing.  Reaching a state of optimal health requires more then just easting organic foods.  Developing a foundation for healing requires acknowledging the body’s present state of metabolism and supporting and assisting its capabilities in metabolizing nutrients.  How the body is able to break down food directly determines its ability to support efficient energy production.

The Metabolic Blueprint will teach you what foods support the metabolism and energy production vs. what foods that inhibit energy production. You will also learn how to modify frequency and ratios to meet your metabolic needs.

6. An introduction to the cutting edge work of Ray Peat, PhD. We began exploring Ray’s work in 2006 when turned on to his books and research articles. Ray’s extensive studies into physiology and the effects of present day nutritional philosophies has provided an insight into many of the inconsistencies plaguing the health of our societ

Here is an insight into some of what you will be learning!

  • First and foremost, you will be learning about YOU! We will explore, in detail, the function, dysfunction and the interrelationships of the very organs that make us tick!
  • Learn about the influence of blood sugar dysregulation on all the organs of the body, your current ability to process energy in an efficient manner and how any alteration in this process can lead to disease processes in the body
  • Learn about what we call “Power Foods” and release all the confusion about what is good for you and what is bad for you. Again…understanding the different properties of foods provides you the power in making better choices around what you put in your body!
  • Learn how to use your food as supplementation! People are spending thousands of dollars on supplementation yet no one is considering WHY there is a deficiency in the first place!
  • Learn how to determine the right foods, in the right amounts for you, and kick your metabolism into gear!
  • Purchase The Metabolic Blueprint Ebook Cookbook!

What else you will learn in The Metabolic Blueprint?

  • Introduction into physiology. Understanding normal provides an insight into understanding abnormal.
  • How to use food to support and heal the metabolism.
  • The effects of a low carbohydrate diet on the health of the metabolism.
  • The effects of alternative source energy production and its impact on metabolic processes.
  • The difference between toxic unsaturated fats and the healing benefits of saturated fats.
  • The importance of all macronutrients and their functions in the body.
  • How to use food as supplementation.
  • Simple and free ways to assess your metabolism without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on lab testing.
  • How food can be used to heal the metabolism thus creating a stage for other systems to auto-regulate.

The Metabolic Blueprint will also include 5 bonus lessons!

  • How to Use Food As Supplementation
  • Healing Benefits of Light Therapy
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • How to Regulate Sleep
  • CO2 Made Simple

If you have a body it is your right and responsibility to understanding the basics!

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for anyone and everyone. Having some basic understanding of the function of the body is information that is not only useful but necessary in this day and age.

Who is this program not for?

This program is not for those not quite ready to change.  The “this for that” approach so common in our society has conveniently excluded the idea of responsibility when it comes to healing.  True healing requires a lot of responsibility. It is an opportunity to reestablish a relationship with your body away from all the hoopla. This philosophy challenges almost all of what we have been mislead to believe.  It requires an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

Why should I do this program when all of Ray’s research is public domain?

This program is a culmination of the past 12yrs of our consulting practice. It is a combination of countless hours of learning through working with clients all over the globe, reading, taking courses, studying the work of and consulting with Ray Peat PhD and most importantly our own personal application and journey.

Not everyone has the time, patience or desire to read research articles. Rays work is based off human physiology, its relationship to and the direct effects of the environment. Having a basic understanding of the systems of the body helps connect the dots to what Ray is teaching us as we are surrounded by factors limiting our health potential.

The Metabolic Blueprint correlates Ray’s work with the physiological function of the body, while providing a comprehensive approach to applying Ray’s teachings into your lifestyle.

 What will you get upon signing up:

  • You will receive a welcome email that will include all your access information along with your password for FULL LIFETIME access to “The Metabolic Blueprint” website.
  • If you cannot make a live session, all sessions will be available in for download directly to your computer and/or iTunes!
  • You will have full access to “The Metabolic Blueprint” MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Page and Google Group for a LIFETIME!
  • You will have access to all new classes and added material for a LIFETIME!
  • Each lesson will have a PDF that you can download and take notes on, however there will be a lot of information in the teleseminar that will not be discussed in the PDF and vice versa so you do not want to miss these seminars!

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